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We have all been there – that moment when you have been presented with a challenge and your mind immediately launches into all of the reasons you can’t do it. 

-  You can't do it because you don't have the time. 

-  You can't do it because you don't have what it takes. 

-  You can't do it because you won't be successful. 

-  You can't do it because you don't know how. 

    This list seems to go on and on sometimes.  Instead of telling yourself the reasons you can’t do it, ask yourself a question: What If You Can? 

    Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone because you have absolutely no idea what you are capable of until you try.  Surrounded by the incredible members of Financial Women in Texas, I have been given the opportunity to find out: What If I Can? 

    I invite you to do the same!

    Courtney Yeatman

    FWIT 2023-2024 Association President

    Financial Women in Texas is here to support you by:

    • Bringing together women in finance for the exchange of ideas, experiences and interests,
    • Furthering the meaningful professions or careers of its members and women in general,
    • Encouraging women to choose finance as a career and to advance the career opportunities for all women in finance, and
    • Serving as an advocate of, and to promote improvements in the professional development, leadership skills, education and training of women in finance.




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